Got an Existing Biomass Boiler, What are Your Options?

We are often approached by prospective customers that have an existing Biomass Boiler with an RHI tariff and want to understand their options.

Selling, Moving or Buying Second Hand Biomass Boilers

If you've got an existing biomass boiler with an RHI tariff you may be sitting on a sizeable asset that could be working better for you. Technology is constantly evolving meaning that the boiler you had installed years ago isn't as efficient as a boiler installed today and you maybe be able to change to a different RHI tariff which is more financially viable for you.

Our team has a huge amount of experience in the Biomass industry and can help you navigate this minefield to provide you with the best option for your situation.

Your Existing Boiler Could be an Asset

If you've already got a biomass boiler that's part of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme it's possible for you to change the boiler and / or tariff. The government allows used biomass boilers to be moved and / or to change hands, the corresponding tariff remains at the level of the original install.

A t the start of the RHI scheme payments were higher than current levels. This means that it can be beneficial for new projects to consider a second-hand biomass boiler with a higher tariff rather than simply choosing a new biomass boiler. This is also benefits the seller who can sell on the system at a higher price than would have been the case without the tariff that is transferred.

Biomass Bioler Installations across the UK

Should I choose a second-hand biomass boiler?

New tariffs available on the RHI are much lower than those available 5years ago. By choosing a second hand system you simply get a higher tariff than is available on today.

For systems that are less than 200kW output can get tariffs from around 5 years ago that are roughly 3 times higher than the current ones. Despite the fact that new tariffs would apply for 5 years more than the second hand tariff the RHI payments you receive over its lifetime could be almost double. The lifetime return is also better for larger systems (op to 999kW) by up to 25%.

The payback period of a second-hand system would be shorter and return on investment greater, however there are also some negative points;

  • the installation price of a second-hand system will typically be as much as if not more than a new system.
  • a new installation will include the manufacturer’s warranty, this will most likely have expired on a second-hand boiler>
  • there's a limited supply of second-hand systems available, so you are limited to the type and size of boiler available at that moment in time, rather than having a whole of market choice.
  • as a result of this good systems on quality tariffs aren't on the market for long, so you need to ensure you are in a position to make a quick decision when uou get the opportunity.

How BBSM can help

Biomass Boilers are our business, we know them really well and we know the industry really well. It is this unrivalled experience and knowledge that we are able to provide to our clients. This helps us to advise you on the sale, move and installation of used biomass boilers.

We are increasingly being contacted by prospective clients to investigate this option and have now completed a number of successful second hand installations. In addition to the installation we have been able to help our clients to complete the required RHI paperwork to change ownership of the systems and RHI account.

BBSM have been involved with the RHI since its inception over five years ago now. We have installed many systems across the country in this time under the RHI, so we are occasionally approached by clients wishing to sell on their existing boiler or tariff and are well placed to facilitate this. We are also approached by other businesses who are looking for assistance with this.

If you are interested in buying or selling a second-hand biomass system, please contact us to see how we can assist you.

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We have a large pool of engineers with many years of experience within the biomass industry, working on a wide range of commercial and industrial biomass boiler makes.

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We have engineers covering the whole of the Great Britain, and service and maintain projects throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

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We are fully registered under HETAS MCS040, one of the first companies to be so. Our HETAS registration covers all makes of biomass boiler.

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  •  I would just like to pass on our thanks to Peter, for getting our heating up and running last night. He truly went the extra mile, and made sure all things checked out before he left our building. He's a true asset to your company, and I only wished all contractors had the same commitment to there customers. Thank you once again, brilliant service!!!

    Academy- January 2024

  • You have shown us what a good (excellent!) biomass boiler installation looks like. You have become an essential partner in our net-zero aspirations.
    You have set a new standard for heating system efficiency. You have set a new standard when it comes to working collaboratively with suppliers.

    Public sector customer

  • BBSM installed the first of our biomass boilers in 2021. We found the company to be very reliable, trustworthy, and they worked efficiently and to a high standard. Based on our experience, we asked BBSM to install our second, and then our third biomass boiler system.
    We have engaged BBSM to carry our on-going scheduled service and maintenance. I would highly recommend them.

    Industrial customer

  • BBSM's team responded with flexibility and with great professionalism when the scope of the project had to be amended due to circumstances outside of their control, and always demonstrated a solutions led approach.
    We could not be happier with the outcome of the project. The new boiler is delivering significant fuel savings and takes considerably less time from our on site team to maintain. In fact, the project has been so successful we have subsequently contracted BBSM to extend the biomass system to provide hot water to a block of holiday apartments on the same site. I would be happy to recommend BBSM unconditionally.

    Hotel customer

  • BBSM were a professional company to work with. They stood behind their work, and we are very happy with the installation, their continued support, and their level of service.

    Drying customer

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