District Heating Schemes

District Heating represents a cost-effective alternative for heating multiple homes or buildings. Already widespread across Europe and now growing throughout the UK.

Biomass Disctrict Heating Installations

Community and district heating, involving the centralised supply and distribution of heat through underground pipes, represents a cost-effective alternative for heating multiple homes or buildings.

District heating, particularly using biomass as the main fuel source, is widespread across Europe. While district heating currently only meets 1-2% of the UK's heat demand, research suggests the potential to cover up to 14%. Particularly beneficial for large sites like schools, hospitals, businesses, and rural estates.

District and community biomass heating systems not only break free from fossil fuel costs but also leverage government incentives like the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), transforming a financial burden into a profitable and sustainable solution.

We specialise in district heating networks and have completed a number of projects in the UK. Please get in touch with us about opportunities for district heating.

District Heating Schemes

Funding Opportunities for district heating projects

The government, through the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme is fully funding technical consultants to undertake studies and projects that look at improvement options for heat networks.  The studies seek to identify improvement measures that will improve efficiency and reliability of heat network and present the economics / payback of the possible improvements identified.

The Heat Network Efficiency Scheme can then provide 50% of the capital cost of implementing the recommendations.  With this funding Carbon Alternatives have done 9 such studies over the past couple of years.

BBSM can assist with putting the application for HNES funding as a joint project. Please get in contact to register an interest.

Why Choose BBSM?

With a wealth of technical experience and a proven track record of quality project delivery, BBSM stands as a reliable partner in implementing biomass boiler systems within district heating networks.

Our expertise in this field ensures that installations are carried out with precision and efficiency, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability. Moreover, we offer invaluable assistance in accessing government funding through schemes such as the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES), which provides 100% funding for consultancy aimed at enhancing heat network efficiency and reliability.

By partnering with BBSM, customers can leverage our technical proficiency, project management skills, and assistance in securing funding to realise the full potential of biomass integration in your district heating networks, ultimately achieving sustainable, cost-effective, and resilient heating solutions.

Why Choose BBSM?


Experienced Engineers

We have a large pool of engineers with many years of experience within the biomass industry, working on a wide range of commercial and industrial biomass boiler makes.


Nationwide Coverage

We have engineers covering the whole of the Great Britain, and service and maintain projects throughout England, Scotland and Wales.


HETAS accredited

We are fully registered under HETAS MCS040, one of the first companies to be so. Our HETAS registration covers all makes of biomass boiler.

Boilers Managed:


Installed Generating Capacity:


Tonnes of CO₂
Reduction  / year:


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is district heating, and how does it work with biomass boilers?
District heating is a centralised heating system that provides heat to multiple buildings or facilities from a single energy centre. Biomass boilers can be integrated into district heating networks as the primary heat source. In this setup the heat produced by biomass boilers is distributed through a network of insulated pipes (usually buried underground) to supply hot water or steam to connected buildings for space heating, domestic hot water, or industrial processes.

What are the benefits of combining district heating with biomass boilers?
The benefit of district heating is that there is only a single energy centre, rather than multiple boilers in every dwelling. The Energy centre can be managed remotely, and heat is transferred efficiently to each building. The district heating can be more efficient and is well suited to biomass heating.

How can biomass boilers contribute to sustainable district heating solutions?
Biomass boilers contribute to sustainable district heating solutions by utilizing renewable biomass fuels, reducing reliance on finite fossil fuels, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions through carbon-neutral biomass combustion, supporting local economies by developing biomass fuel supply chains and creating jobs, and promoting energy independence and resilience through diversification of energy sources and reduced dependence on imported fuels.

What factors should be considered when integrating biomass boilers into district heating networks?
When integrating biomass boilers into district heating networks, key considerations include assessing the heat demand and load profile of connected buildings, evaluating biomass fuel availability, quality, and cost, determining optimal boiler sizing and efficiency, ensuring seamless integration with existing heating infrastructure, adhering to environmental regulations and emissions standards, addressing operational and maintenance requirements, and conducting a thorough analysis of financial feasibility and return on investment.

What government funding opportunities are available for district heating projects involving biomass boilers?
Government funding opportunities for district heating projects involving biomass boilers may include grants, subsidies, tax incentives, and financing programs aimed at promoting renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving energy efficiency. BBSM has accessed this funding, please get in contact if you would like to learn more about these opportunities.

 What criteria do district heating projects need to meet to qualify for government funding?
District heating projects seeking government funding, especially those incorporating biomass boilers, must meet specific criteria for qualification. These criteria typically include demonstrating environmental benefits, such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions or increased utilization of renewable energy sources, ensuring economic viability and financial sustainability, aligning with government energy policy objectives and priorities, maintaining technical feasibility and sound project design, contributing to local economic development and job creation, and adhering to relevant regulations, standards, and permitting requirements. Compliance with these criteria is essential for securing government funding and advancing sustainable district heating initiatives.

Read our FAQs to find out more

  •  I would just like to pass on our thanks to Peter, for getting our heating up and running last night. He truly went the extra mile, and made sure all things checked out before he left our building. He's a true asset to your company, and I only wished all contractors had the same commitment to there customers. Thank you once again, brilliant service!!!

    Academy- January 2024

  • You have shown us what a good (excellent!) biomass boiler installation looks like. You have become an essential partner in our net-zero aspirations.
    You have set a new standard for heating system efficiency. You have set a new standard when it comes to working collaboratively with suppliers.

    Public sector customer

  • BBSM installed the first of our biomass boilers in 2021. We found the company to be very reliable, trustworthy, and they worked efficiently and to a high standard. Based on our experience, we asked BBSM to install our second, and then our third biomass boiler system.
    We have engaged BBSM to carry our on-going scheduled service and maintenance. I would highly recommend them.

    Industrial customer

  • BBSM's team responded with flexibility and with great professionalism when the scope of the project had to be amended due to circumstances outside of their control, and always demonstrated a solutions led approach.
    We could not be happier with the outcome of the project. The new boiler is delivering significant fuel savings and takes considerably less time from our on site team to maintain. In fact, the project has been so successful we have subsequently contracted BBSM to extend the biomass system to provide hot water to a block of holiday apartments on the same site. I would be happy to recommend BBSM unconditionally.

    Hotel customer

  • BBSM were a professional company to work with. They stood behind their work, and we are very happy with the installation, their continued support, and their level of service.

    Drying customer

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